Hamza Ali Abbasi has been sent a warning notice by the Government of Punjab over posting a news on his Facebook account against provincial government.


The Prosecution department of the Punjab government has sent warning letter to the actor alleging that his August 3, 2016 Facebook page is misleading.

Hamza, in the post, claimed that in three months over 900 child kidnappings occurred, which include 400 such incidents from Lahore alone.

The copy of warning letter available with ARY News─bearing signature of Additional Secretary Prosecution Mahmood Hassan ─ states that the official record shows the number of children went missing over the last three months (May, June and July) is less than one third compared to Hamza Abbasi’s allegation on Facebook.

The letter stated that the Abbasi’s post was exaggerated and created sense of insecurity among the general public.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, while talking to ARY News, claimed that he had taken the figures from a national English newspaper so the government should take action against the newspapers management instead of sending warning notice to him.