Many people were sceptical about Qandeel Baloch’s background because unlike many other controversial female celebrities Qandeel Baloch came out of nowhere.

Qandeel Baloch’s real name along with her id card is currently doing the rounds of social media.

On the other hand, the controversy queen, Qandeel was not very happy that people were digging out her past.


Recently, many secrets about Qandeel’s oast life which were shocking for some people came into limelight.

A man Aashiq Hussain said that he was Qandeel’s husband before they got divorced in 2010 and that she had a son too.

While Qandeel denied these statements at first, now that the man showed a marriage certificate and pictures of him with Qandeel Baloch, she finally faced the truth.



Qandeel Baloch gave an explanation that she had to give custody of her child because he fell sick and she did not have the money for his treatment but now she was going to fight for the custody of her son.