We had seen in the past that Qandeel Baloch could say anything to stay in the media and now she has proven that she can do any type of bold act without hesitation.

We saw Qandeel talking in one of her social media accounts that she would do a strip dance if Pakistan won the T20 match against India.

Pakistan lost the match but this did not stop her from showing a trailer which led to many people reporting her page and resulted in deactivation of it.

She appeared on a live show and this is what she had to say:

Here is the full interview shared by the official channel:

Courtesy: Channel 24 News

There is much speculation among her fans on why she acts the way she does. One fan says he thinks she belongs to a very conservative family and therefore wants to break free, while another thinks she is the child of a powerful person from a second or third wife.

“She is all about seeking attention, which suggests a restricted family background,” says psychologist Faisal Mamsa.

Nationalist parties of Balochistan insist she is not from their province, despite her surname. “She is a fake Baloch,” says nationalist party leader Ali Muhammad Kurd. “She needs to be exposed.”