Rameen’s New Found Confidence in Chup Raho

It’s always heartwarming to see someone perk up after they’ve been through painful trials and tribulations and we find ourselves celebrating Rameen’s new found joy!

Having been practically through hell before, the Rameen of Chup Raho’s season two seems to have really pulled it together! In episode 21, the way she asserted herself in Yasir’s house was gratifying and almost delightful as she gave bits of advice to all family members large or small, decides to give Yasir lunch because she wanted to and generally hopping and skipping about with such buoyancy! Rameen also gives Yasir advice on children and despite a few believing that she was being nosy and irritating, I feel that it was a kind hearted gesture out of concern. Yasir probably felt the same way as he responded and confided in her about deeply troubling issues such as him being responsible for his wife’s death.

The children also seem to be responding to Rameen’s kindness and have warmed up to her to quite an extent. It seems strange that so many people find her character in the second season irritating and loud. We should celebrate this joy and not expect her to act like a miserable wraith. Poor Rameen dealt with so many traumas in the past, the fact that she emerges so strong should be viewed as an inspiration, not an imposition.

It is interesting to see how Yasir is responding to Rameen. He could have easily left her at any welfare centre or police station but chose not to out of genuine concern. We wonder what could possibly happen next.

All in all, the show is receiving mixed reviews from fans. A lot of people have pretty much given up on the show as the storyline is considered overly stretched, artificial and dull. Many still watch for the sake of curiosity however! Even if the storyline isn’t perfect however, Rameen’s new found confidence (as overbearing as it may feel to some) may be seen as an important step in the right direction towards women and all people not letting terrible situations destroy their lives and their spirits.
Published on DesiFreeTV.com
Author – Rabia Ahmed