Ranbir Kapoor will keep trying for the Oscars!

The actor is quite an optimist and even though Barfi! didn’t make it to the Oscars, RK hasn’t lost hope

While Priyanka Chopra was sad about Barfi! not making it past the nomination stage at this year’s Academy Awards, Ranbir Kapoor is confident that there will be a time when all the five films that are nominated for the Oscars will be from Bollywood. Ranbir is also glad that Life of Pi has made it big at the Oscars. He can’t stop raving about director Ang Lee and the way he makes his films. All praises about the kind of storyline his movies have, sounds like the Kapoor kid would be more than happy to work in a AL flick.

While critics thrashed Anurag Basu big time for copying bits and parts from various famous international flicks, Ranbir Kapoor is unaffected by all the criticism. He believes that Barfi! not winning the prestigious award doesn’t make the movie any less special or remarkable. The Kapoor lad is taking it all in his stride unlike the Chopra chick who behaved like a whiny kid when she first discovered about Barfi!’s ouster.