Sahir Lodhi will be sharing the silver screen with model Saima Azhar in the movie Rastey. The debutante actresses will be working alongside Sahir how is not only the lead role but also the co writer.


The model after confirming the signing of the movie on facebook said that:

“Sahir and I will play the lead roles in the film, while Sana Fukher would play my sister-in-law. Rastey is a family-oriented action film with a romantic element. There will be no vulgarity or raunchy jokes in it.”

Saima said that she was offered quite a lot of item songs and movies previously but choosing one was a very tough decision,

“When I read Rastey’s script, I felt like ‘This is it’”, added the actress.

It was being hinted by the Tv host Sahir that he was going to be in a movie but the plot of the movie still remains under veil. But one things is sure shot that he will be playing the leading role in the movie which is directed by Saqib Siddqui, produced by Dr Faisal, while the script is co-written by Sahir Lodhi and Shahid Naqvi.