Reham Khan talking during a British interview earlier finally revealed the real reasons for her divorce.

During the course of her talk she told how Imran married her and later how the divorce took place.

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Reham said that she spent most of the time with Imran’s pet dogs and goes to the extend saying that one of them started liking her.

She further went on saying that after her divorce there were many allegations imposed on her but no one came forward in her defence. This is the reason she is giving this interview.

Reham said that she though Imran loved her but that turned out to be untrue.

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Reham said that Imran was more of a secluded personality and not a religious person which is the reason she had to force her brother on agreeing and that her first marriage definitely affected him.

She was asked not to defend herself but she felt that it was necessary to do so as no one from Imran’s family rose up in her defence.

Furthermore, she said that one of Imran Khan’s close friends advised her to cook roti’s in the kitchen and the party had a problem working alongside her. As the interview progressed she added that Imran’s sisters did not like her and said that this couple was a mismatch.

During the course of 10 months of marriage, she says that she had no as such rights.

Geo News Report on Reham Khan and Imran Khan’s Devorce

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