Release Date of Jalaibi Finally Revealed!

Hold your horses and smother your squeals because the release date of one of the most anticipated movies of the year has finally been released!!

Yasir Jaswal’s ‘Jalaibi’ is said to officially grace the screens on the 20th of March. The much anticipated poster has also been released. Those promoting the film state that this will be the “first of its kind feature film” and that the camera used to capture the film was the same used in mega blockbusters Gravity, Skyfall, and Ironman 3!

Here is the teaser of the film released last year

The original trailer for the movie had come out on December 25th 2013, over a year back, thus it is understandable why the much anticipated release date caused much hype and excitement. People were entranced by the aesthetics and attractive images, potent sound effects, appealing dialogue and modern, catchy music as well as something extremely new on Pakistani films, the presence of an American muscle car. The cast is also an exciting, talented bunch including Adnan Jafar, Zhalay Sarhadi, Asal Din Khan, Ali Safina, Danish Taimoor, Uzair Jaswal, and VJ cum model Wiqar Ali Khan.

Having been produced under the label of REDRUM Films, in association with Jaswal Films and Sermad Films. It is safe to say that we cannot wait for March!
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Author – Rabia Ahmed