Review Of Pakistani Movie Shah

On Independence Day, there were quite a few movies released. One of which included a reality based movie, Shah. The movie covered the entire lifetime of the boxer who struggled his way to the top and was able to make a name for himself. There was great deal of appreciation for the movie since it was story of their country and one way or the other they could relate it to themselves.

One aspect that showed the effort put into the movie was that the character performing as Shah, played by Adnan Sarwar even spoke like the Lyari born boxer. During the course of the movie, the fighting scenes are very well portrayed. Adnan was able to bring out the reality when he went into the ring to fight and emerge as the victor. The blend of new actors and Gulab Chandio in the movie resulted in complete package.

However, some critics have come up with a few bad points in the movie and say that they should be used positively. As a result we can have some good movies in the upcoming cinema revival. A British born journalist coming in the movie confuses the plot and also seems to be unrealistic. The scene creation that was used to depict the 1988 Olympics was also not so effective in the case.

The wardrobe selection was also a bit confusing as for 5 years, the newscaster wore the same clothes when she read news about Syed Hussain Shah. Another one of the mistakes that was identified was the fact that the kid who trained had small hair in once scene and long in the very next.

All in all the movie was a good gift for all Pakistanis and the few errors that have been identified are done so that the upcoming movies are better and achieve new levels of success.
Waqas Tanveer

How do you think the movie was??

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