Well Saba Qamar has been able to establish herself as a strong actor when it comes to comedy acting. Not only this, but Saba has done a lot of work on TV and the audience have seen her doing a wide variety of roles. Saba was recently seen in the Pakistani movie Manto and did an awesome job.

Good news for Saba’s fans as she is expected to travel to India in near future and has this to say regarding the project:

“It’s a family-oriented story of a husband and wife. It has a young, fresh vibe and the wife is a little dominating. People will surely like it.”

Saba Qamar further revealed:

“The film is a little like that Deepika film, ‘Piku’,”


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Saket Chaudhry is in the director seat and she will be starring opposite renowned Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan who has also showcased his work in several Hollywood projects. It is expected that Saba will be travelling to India and start shooting for the film as early as July.

What now needs to be seen is the scope of Qamar’s role in the film. Will she, like Fawad, rise to prominence? We’ll only know once the film releases.

We wish her the best of luck and hope she keeps up with yet another eye catching performance.