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Saba Qamar and Ahsan Khan kick off things with Indian TV movie

Both the talented and diverse actors, Saba and Ahsan are set to perform in the upcoming movie Mohabbat Ki Akhri Kahani which has some big names in the production set with the likes of Zafar Mairaj and Siraj-ul-Haq.

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The movie has an overall romantic plot which is accompanied alongside horror killings. The genre has been stepped into by other Pakistani actors but have not been successful. The duo certainly has the capacity to bag strong performance but whether they are able to catch the eyes of the audience and entertain them remains to be seen.

Ahsan has been criticized for doing the same work over an over again and this provides him with the opportunity to work out of the box and something he has not done up till now. Although there are actors who are accepting the roles they get, the duo waiting for the right opportunity and according to them it is what they wanted.

Ahsan is in the limelight now, as he not only worked in India but also acted in an English movie recently. Coupled with this is his work in the upcoming Hum TV drama which is surely one of his anticipated works.

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