Saba Qamar denies shadi rumors with Hamza Ali Abbasi

Rumors about the hot affair of Maat actress Saba Qamar and Pyaray Afzal Hamza Ali Abbasi are doing rounds but there is no band baja barat for as Qamar strongly denies the relationship.

Celebrities scandals are often pop up on media especially when they are working together – same happened with Qamar and Hamza – the duo was busy in Kambhakt shooting when their pictures were leaked on social media and some websites even spread their wedding rumors.

But the reality is different according to Qamar. She told HIP that Abbasi and her and they are “just good friends.”

“Hamza is a good friend of mine just like Ahsan, Nauman or Sami with whom I have done different projects and still enjoy their company.”

Qamar is playing an important role in Abbasi‘s directorial debut film starring Shehreyar Munawar and Suhai Ali Abro and excited for it but not at a cost of her public image. She maintained that some people are manipulating with images and converting some fun moments spent on the film set into a nightmare by spreading rumors about her affair with the film director.

Although she called her colleagues good friends Qamar is very much aware of the dynamics of this glittering industry where people behavior change in a blink of an eye.

“No one is a true friend here. It is a world of fake people where you never guess who stab at your back. So I prefer to maintain good terms with everyone but within predefined limits.”

The Izteraab heroine is currently busy in shooting of four drama serials – including Noor-ul Huda Shah written and Owais Khan directed Janum and Umera Ahmed novel based drama serial.

She also has two Lollywood films in her hands but the actress has clear cut stand in working in Bollywood.

“I get a couple of offers of working in Bollywood films but I refused as I don’t have any plans to work over there. The reason is pretty obvious – they don’t give character roles to Pakistani actress and instead B-grade movies have been offered to us and I simply can’t do that.

Then isn’t she okay with doing an item number in local project? Not really. She was offered to do an item number in Abbasi’s film but she turned down the offer stating it is not something she wanted to do in life.