There was a time when all the spot lights were hovering around the couple of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. Salman was the person who brought her to the film industry and they both were in a relationship. However, the the two broke ties and the super girl is now dating Ranbir Kapoor.


One of the amazing thing that needs to be said is that Salman and Katrina have remained on talking terms and always used good words for each other. Katrina refrains from saying anything explicitly about Salman which can be seen that when she was asked a question about him she responded with praises for him and said that his family treated her like a daughter.

“He is an amazing person and everyone in and out of the industry knows that. His parents and family treated me like a daughter always. But it does not seem respectful to my existing relationship if I talk about Salman or his family in the media hence I choose not to mostly.”

However, things may be taking turns as Salman said in a show that Katrina is of no use to me and Katrina was reported saying Ranbir is her all time friend. Lets see where it goes.