Salman Khan invitated Shahrukh Khan in Bigg Boss 7

At the press con of Bigg Boss 7, Salman said SRK is welcome to promote his films on the show. Will SRK happily oblige?
Well, ever since the Iftar party hug between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, a lot has been said about the duo’s relationship. After a recent event, we feel that the two Khans have turned over a new leaf. At the press con of Bigg Boss 7, Salman said Shahrukh Khan is welcome on the show to promote his films. Guess what SRK replied to this?

Well, at a recent press meet, Shahrukh replied to Salman’s invite. He said that he will definitely promote his movie on the reality show. The only problem is that the Dabangg dude will have to wait for a year to host the Chennai Express actor, as SRK’s next, Happy New Year is still in the making. Shahrukh also said that there’s no cold war between Salman and him and people shouldn’t create one. Salman too had said that the only war between the Khans will be at the box office.

Hmmm… Looks like the two reigning Khans of Bollywood no longer share cold vibes. Now, we’ll patiently wait to watch the two Khans on a common platform. Hope they don’t make us wait for too long!