Salman Khan says rivalry with Shahrukh Khan doesn’t bother him

The Dabangg 2 superstar lays to rest rumours concerning SRK, Karan Johar and Arjun Rampal

Ever since Salman Khan started his impeccable run at the box office, his arch rival Shahrukh Khan’s camp seems to be falling down faster than a pack of cards! SRK’s best friends and camp members, Karan Johar and Arjun Rampal, have reportedly shifted their loyalties towards Sallu.

And since the news of KJo and Arjun’s closeness to Salaman started doing the rounds, B-town folks have been closely analysing every little development that’s taking place. But surprisingly, one of the main protagonists of this real life saga, Salman Khan, seems unfazed by the rumours. In a recent interview, Salman took the high ground when asked about the ‘camp system’. “There is no groupism at all… I do my own work. I don’t think there is any groupism. I don’t follow anyone’s life. If anyone comes to talk or meet me, I will talk to them or meet them nicely. I don’t care who is whose friend and all. It doesn’t matter to me at all,” said Salman.

He also spoke about Arjun Rampal who is apparently giving Shahrukh the cold shoulder and gaining a foothold in the Salman camp. Arjun, at a function, did not even acknowledge his one-time best friend Shahrukh Khan and also choose to skip SRK’s New Year bash in Dubai. But Salman denied that there was anything to the news. “I am not even aware if there is any fight or whatever (between SRK and Arjun). I don’t think so (Arjun is close to me). I just met him at Sanjay Diwan’s party. We just spoke for two minutes,” said the Dabangg superstar!.

Well, either Salman Khan has really matured over the last few months, or being the cool dude that he is, he doesn’t really care about camp politics and groupism. Whatever be the case, it’s good to see Salman Khan being politically correct for once!