Salman Khan visited a child in Mumbai to fulfill his dream of meeting Salman Khan after he underwent a liver transplant. Salman Khan is famously known for his charitable acts and this one is another one in line.

There was a lot of attention caught by everyone after Dbang Khan did his movie, Bajrangi Bhaijan and constantly tries to amend things between Pakistan and India through is works.

Abdul Basit was at the end of some serious treatment after he faced jaundice. Basit underwent surgery and desired to meet Salman Khan which was fulfilled. Basit has been discharged from Mumbai hospital after intensive two months and is advised to continue his surgery.

During the course of his time in the hospital, his family expressed that Basit wanted to meet the star and they were glad when the child finally met him.


Salman has sent a new wave of friendship through his recent movie in which he returns a Pakistani girl to her home. Movies like these are beginning to harbor friendship and stop the negative image against each other in the two countries.