Salman Khan’s Mental losing Rs 20 lakh every day

The stalled shoot owing to the fighters’ issues over payment and hiring structure is costing the Dabangg superstar a bomb

Salman Khan’s Mental troubles are showing no signs of fading. The actor and his brother Sohail Khan, who have been battling the stunt fighters’ demands, have been left bleeding heavily after the film’s stalled shoot.

The South fighters had asked for equal representation in the film and also that their pay matches with that of the Bollywood fighters. They claimed they were being paid half as compared to those from B-town and the movie had only 30 percent fighters from down South. Producer-director Sohail chose to stick with the rules of the All India Film Employees Confederation, and in the resulting deadlock, the fighters left the shoot bringing the movie to a grinding halt.

Now, Sohail is apparently facing losses of Rs 20 lakh every day. The Lavasa schedule has been shelved since the fighters were an integral part of it. With the shoot being stalled for almost 12 days, the Khan’s losses have mounted to around Rs 2.4 crore. Well, we hope the brothers can be smart about it and try and get the movie back on track, else it may drive them Mental in real life!