Sanam like many other Pakistani artists is also trying to promote her movie Bachaana which is due to release this year. The star is usually seen as being calm and talking stuff to the point and which is related to the work only.

Thank you for all the love and support for #bachaanatrailer! Xx

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However, when appearing on a morning show and host Noor praising her marriage as the grand marriage, broke all shackles and made her upset. She said, “Media is very fond of spreading nonsense. There was nothing like that, in fact it was the most simple wedding. There were less than 300 people.”

“People nowadays have 500 or more than 500 guests. I didn’t invite a lot of people and they were offended but I told them that they were acquaintances. We work together, have a good time but I only invited people I laugh and cry with, talk to on daily basis, people who are my own.”


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Sanam on revealing that she wore her mother’s wedding dress added that she sent sweets to all but only a few guests were invited as many who come usually complain for one thing or the other.