Sania Mirza and I Have a Strong Relationship: Shoaib Malik

Sports fans across the globe adore the dynamic duo; Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik, hence, when rumors about their divorce began making rounds it left sports enthusiasts gobsmacked and desolate.

It was Shoaib who cleared the air about any such misgivings in a recent conference by empathetically stating that Sania and he are very much in love and still united. Despite hailing from two different countries (albeit two nations that treat each other like estranged lovers); Malik clearly stated that Sania (who is an Indian tennis star) and he understand their priorities and are very much devoted to each other.

The Pakistani media has also highlighted the fact that Malik was seen moving around with actor Humaima Malik and her family.
But Malik insisted that Humaima was only a good friend.

“I and Sania have a strong relationship and we knew before we got married it would not be easy. But at times it gets frustrating reading baseless stories about our marriage,” he said.

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza; both spend majority of their time in their humble abode in Dubai when they are not working. They understand and respect the fact that their fans are avidly curious about them, however, they keep their private lives away from the media glare to avoid any sort of unnecessary speculation.

Mirza who is considered a darling of the sports world, also recently posted images on a micro blogging site as a means of putting these superfluous rumors to rest. The couple is very much united and has been very firm in stating that despite their professional commitments their marriage is a bond that cannot be shaken by mere speculation.

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Author – Rabia Ahmed