India’s tennis sensation Sania Mirza declines a cameo role in a Bollywood movie recently.

She tells us that she was very recently approached for a cameo in a Bollywood film, which she promptly refused. She says, “I’ve been offered movies for a while but it is not my cup of tea. A dear friend of mine from Bollywood asked me recently but I had to say no. It was a cameo. I love Bollywood as a viewer but going in front of the camera and singing and dancing is not my thing.”

For Sania Mirza, walking the ramp is something that she is comfortable doing, but it is not something that she would do very often. Mirza, who is good friends with Delhi-based designer Shantanu and Nikhil recently walked the ramp for them in Mumbai, but told us minutes before the show that it is not something that one will see her do very frequently. She said, “I do get approached to walk the ramp quite regularly but right now is the only time I have. Season’s over so I have a few weeks to do this. We (the designers and Sania) had been trying to do this for a year. Fortunately, this time we managed to co-ordinate our dates.”

As far as performance anxiety on the ramp goes, she’s always a tad nervous, she says, adding, “This is very different from what I usually do. I am used to play tennis in front of people. I’m not nervous, just a little anxious.” Perhaps that’s the reason why Sania has refused movie offers coming her way.