Sania Mirza visits Pakistan to meet in-laws!

Sania Mirza is currently in Pakistan to visit her in-laws and speaking to reporters there said there is no trouble in her marriage with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik.

“Our marriage has not been easy because we are professional athletes and come from different countries. We knew there would be stress on us with time but we have managed it well so far. There are no problems between us at all. I came to Sialkot to relax with my husband and in-laws before the start of my circuit commitments in Europe. I have had a great time and just been busy eating out and shopping to my heart’s content because I was out of the media limelight.”

“It has not been easy for either of us but we have tried to manage as best as we can. I can tell you I am still as much in love with Shoaib as we were when we got married four years ago. I know there is lot of talk about the security situation in Pakistan but I have no problems visiting Pakistan as it is my ‘sasural.” When I went to the bazaars, the shopkeepers used to wonder whether I was Sania Mirza but when they saw Shoaib with me, they knew it was me. It used to be fun giving autographs and clicking pictures. This is the best possible way to unwind before a tough tennis circuit coming up.”

There have been rumours of problems between the high-profile pair with Sania also being linked to some well-known Bollywood actors in recent months. But for now, it looks like there is nothing to report there.

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