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Sara Loren to romance Adhyayan Suman in ‘Ishq Click’

Sara Loren to romance Adhyayan Suman in ‘Ishq Click’

After, Barkhaa, Sara Loren has signed a film titled ‘Ishq Click’ opposite Adhyayan Suman. Directed by Anil Balani, the film is an emotional and a romantic ride where Sara plays a model and Adhyayan plays a photographer, and the couple are madly in love with each other.

Sara says, “The role of the girl Sophia Dias which I am playing is an orphan. It’s about how she turns into a super model. It is an emotional journey of a girl who falls in love and is betrayed. It’s a very intense love film.”

She also said that she found glimpses of her own personality in the role, “The most beautiful thing about the role is that I connect with it because I can see myself portraying Sophia Dias. It’s going to be interesting for the viewers because this is how I am in real life,” she added.

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