The very talented and leading Pakistani stars Sarwat Gillani and Bushra Ansari have teamed up to star in one of actor Adnan Siddiqui’s first productions, Seeta Bagri, “a play on the Hindu minorities, the Bagri clan.”

“I play Seeta, who believes in women’s education and wants to promote it by giving classes to underprivileged girls of her community. She is the epitome of calmness and honesty,” Gillani tells Dawn Images.

The play not only focuses on Seeta’s education ambition but there’s also an interesting love twist in the story.

Sarwat explained further:

“Bushra Ansari plays a rich Hindu bangle factory owner named Nandani Daas, who comes into Seeta’s house and marries Seeta’s tenant/love interest, Ruttan Laal, played by Jibran. She wants to have a child with him soon as she never married and had kids. Meanwhile, Seeta’s father Badri Naath (played by Qawi) takes Ruttan Lal and his cousin Mala Rani (Shameen Khan) under his wings and gives them a place in his house.”

She appreciates that this is a drama with a strong message.

“The story has many underlying messages and lessons for the viewers. Written and directed by Iqbal Husain, this beautifully knitted story is a breath of fresh air among the typical monotonous drama stories. Adnan Siddiqui’s first ever production looks very promising. We all are very excited for it to go on air on TV1.”

The cast of the drama is working hard on the project and it will be on air in September. Both Sarwat and Bushra are learning Hindi language for the play.

Sarwat Gillani added:

“We have a Hindu girl Soorita teaching us Hindi and their traditions. Since Adnan is an actor himself, he truly knows how to pamper his actors and crew. We get what we need.”

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