Sarwat Gillani was known by people through her dramas on TV but her acting in one of the recent and most successful Pakistani films, Jawani Phir Nai Aani was undoubtedly a big boost to her career.


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Sarwat was able to showcase her talent and maybe it is due to this reason that we will be seeing her in a Bollywood movie pretty soon and that too opposite to one of the Khans.

In a recent interview, Sarwat shared that;

“It’s going to be a Khan film … I will be working with one of the Khans,”

Sarwat shared that she will reveal further information about the film at an appropriate time.

Good news is that the next part of Jawani Phir Nai Aani is on it’s way and the actress confirmed that the main characters in the movie would be the same with a few changes here and there.

Sarwat revealed that;

“The main six cast members will be retained. Some others will be replaced.”

Talking about the role she played in the Pakistani hit movie she said,

“People loved my role because I played it very naturally. I didn’t have to make up the accent because I am familiar with Pukhtun culture to a great extent.”


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Can you guess which Khan will Sarwat be debuting with in Bollywood?
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