Seems like we just saw the angry Shaan Shahid from his films come to life.

The Pakistani actor, who has starred in various movies which depict him as the lone fighter against militancy and terrorism (such as Waar and upcoming Yalghaar) lashed out at Saif Ali Khan. Shaan took apart Saif Ali Khan’s bigoted statements against Pakistan and gave a befitting reply to the Bollywood actor’s ludicrous allegations.

One dialogue from the movie Phantom, in which an impassioned Saif says:
“If the Americans could get Osama, why can’t we do the same?”

After the movie got banned in Pakistan, in response to a petition filed by Hafiz Saeed in Lahore High Court, Saif Ali Khan stated that:

I have lost faith in Pakistan, generally. The Bollywood actor had also said that he found it funny how a terrorist like Hafiz Saeed could have access to courts in Pakistan.

Shaan posted a scathing reply on his Facebook account, taking apart Saif’s statement and warning him of dire consequences should anyone dare to venture into Pakistan with malicious intentions.

“Faith doesn’t come from a country it comes from within and you have lost faith in yourself after 4 consecutive flop films,” said a furious Shaan on Facebook. “You don’t need to find villains in Pakistan you have enough of them back home, with protocol now.”

And he had some more choicy insults for Saif.

“Tell your Khans to worry about India and stop thinking about Pakistan as it is not only protected by Khans but by all tribes living and breathing in Pakistan. India needs a Martin Luther King to free the Muslims of India.”

Azfar Rehman aslo shared his insight on this controversial issue:

Also, very recently a 12 minute video by a Pakistani journalist, Faisal Qureshi has been launched online and it has gone viral on social media, with a total number of 44,607 likes, 73,232 shares and over one million views on Facebook currently.

Unfortunately, the once cherished actor is now a source of resentment among the Pakistani public. Some feel it’s a publicity stunt to create more hype and generate more publicity for his upcoming film, while others feel he’s trying to get his political views across.

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