Recently, Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid had voiced his dissent and disgust over Saif Ali Khan’s controversial comments regarding Pakistan. Many other celebs such as Azfar Rehman and journalist Faisal Qureshi also showed their sentiments and hit back at Saif for his anti-Pakistan statement. Shaan had referred to Saif Ali Khan as ‘faithless’ and warned him not to cross the border with hatred in his heart.

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From Shaan’s aggressive reply, it seems that the actor is serious as far as hitting out at anti-Pakistan statements are concerned.

Recently, actress Mawra Hocane, who is in South Africa these days shooting for her Bollywood debut, shared her views on the controversial flick Phantom, via a series of tweets from her official Twitter account:-

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In fact, she garnered quite a lot of hate and soon enough, deleted her tweets. Unfortunately for this damsel, distress was not far because when Shaan came across her tweets, he was not happy…

He started a trend #banmawra and it didn’t take long for people to respond on Facebook:

After that Mawra posted an open letter for actor Shaan Shahid on her official facebook account:

Is Mawra Hocane issuing such statements in a bid to win over the Indian masses, in light of her upcoming Bollywood releases?

Let us wait and see how Shaan Shaid reacts to this!!