The big name of the industry Shahrukh Khan finally looks like on the roads where he and Salman look more like Karan Arjun now. Both the stars were part of the Big Boss Season 9 episode where they were seen together after a very long time.

“My two boys are now like my friends and brothers and everything so I am ok. And there is always bhaijaan,” Shahrukh said after a long lasting fight between the two stars. The amends between the relationship dates back to the time when Salman invited Shahrukh to her sister’s wedding. After the time both stars have been looking pretty much less negative towards each other.

Talking about the autobiography which is due to be released, the star said :

“How is writing of your book going on? How does it feel to write the heart out?” asked a fan, to which he said, “A very very long process and slow… giving your heart out takes a bit of time.”