Shahrukh Khan to undergo shoulder surgery today

We hear the Baadshah will be admitted to Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital to get his injured shoulder treated

Shahrukh Khan has finally fulfilled all his professional commitments – the shooting of his much-anticipated film Chennai Express is over and the Indian Premier League (IPL 2013) has come to an end too. And SRK is now looking forward to sorting out some personal issues, this time his shoulder surgery that he has been delaying for over six months now. Over the years, the accident-prone actor has had a total of seven surgeries on several parts of his body, and if reports are to be believed, the superstar will be heading for his eighth surgery today. Contrary to reports that the star will fly to London to consult the best of doctors and get his treatment done, he’ll be operated in Mumbai’s Lilavati hospital today.

Reportedly, King Khan got injured on the sets of Rohit Shetty’s romcom two months ago but he postponed his surgery, since he wanted to finish the film’s shoot. Besides, he also had to support his team Kolkata Knight Riders which consumed much of his time.

From what we hear, Shahrukh will be discharged from the hospital in a couple of days, after which he will be resting at home till his shoulder heals. Though the star has already started promoting Chennai Express, he is expected to join the team for on-ground activities by mid-June.

Let’s hope SRK recuperates fast and is back to his usual healthy self asap! You too drop in a message to wish your favourite superstar the best of health!