Shaista Lodhi enters into wedlock for the second time

Renowned TV host Shaista Lodhi has entered into wedlock for the second time, which she disclosed on Tuesday on her official Twitter handle, ARY News reported.

Shaista Lodhi who after enjoying years of celebrity-status had stirred a controversy during the morning show she hosted on 15 May 2014.

The episode drew public wrath and the anchorperson was charged with blasphemy, forcing her to leave the country.
Shaista since then kept herself away from public.

However, the 43-year-old diva today took to Twitter and disclosed her second marriage.

She shared a translated verse from the Holy Quran: “Then He has established relationships of lineage & marriage: for your Lord has power,” adding, “Alhumdulillah married”.

Shaista however refrained from disclosing the name of her second husband.

The news led to joyous response from her fans and followers, who have so far been asking her to share pictures of herself with her soul-mate.

She was earlier married to Dr Waqar Wahidi, but the two got separated in 2012.