Shehryar Siddiqui, Humaima Malik & Ali Gul Pir Performance Video in Sindh Festival 2014

The celebrations have officially begun as contemporary trends and history were exquisitely fused at the inaugural ceremony of the Sindh Festival at Moen jo Daro. The ruins of the Indus Valley civilisation were transformed into a gorgeous, tinselled venue – a manifestation of the rich heritage it hoped to represent.Spearheaded by the Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the two-week festival is part of a campaign to conserve the heritage of his home province of Sindh.

Humaima Malik and Shehryar Siddiqui hosted the night, describing the festival as a cultural ‘coup’ as opposed to the “vultural” coup imposed by military dictators. “Superman is fictional, but the Sindhi man is a fact that has sustained for 5,000 years,” they said, referring to the logo of the Sindh Festival.

Artists and bands, who are known for creating socially relevant music, such as the Beygairat Brigade, Ali Gul Pir and Azal performed songs especially composed for the festival, apart from their hits. Ali Gul Pir sang “Super Saeen”, written exclusively for the Sindh Festival, and he also tweaked his hit, “Waderai ka Beta” to “Pakistan ka Beta” for the show.

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