Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra both involved in betting, bookie tells police

Update: The latest shocker is that Umesh Goenka, Raj Kundra’s business partner who’s also said to be a bookie, has told the Delhi police that not only Raj, but Shilpa Shetty too was involved in betting

Earlier story: The Rajasthan Royals owner, who was grilled for 12 hours at the Delhi police headquarters in connection with the IPL 2013 spot-fixing scandal, has admitted that he has been betting since the last two-three years, but not fixing matches.

However as per Raj, he only used to place bets, but not fix matches. This comes a day after Kundra was interrogated for over 12 hours by the Delhi police. The initial reports just suggested that the police had called Kundra for questioning only to know if he had any hint or doubted his team members of being allegedly involved in the betting and fixing scandal and if the players ever mentioned about bookies in their interaction with him.

But later news started pouring in that Kundra has not been given a clean chit; in fact rumours started doing the rounds that Kundra in his claim to the police had accepted that players often invited bookies as personal guests. And although Shilpa Shetty’s dearest hubby was allowed to return to Mumbai, this only after he surrendered his passport to the police. Raj will also not be permitted to leave the country and travel abroad.

But both Raj and Shilpa lashed out at the media for allegedly reporting ‘sensational’ news without any substantial evidence. Raj had tweeted this morning, ‘Good morning woke up to news raj kundra faces the heat (times now) yes it’s very hot in Mumbai. Media has misconstrued everything using…’ Just minutes later he wrote again, ‘Is there an arrest warrant? I am back home in Mumbai. Kindly let Delhi crime branch do their work. Media stop using derogatory statements…Unreliable sources. Try speaking to the Main guys at crime branch. Why does media hype things and make such stupid claims to sell news.’

Shilpa too came up with a series of tweets, ‘STOP PRESS literally! Getting on my nerves to c to wht extent the press wud go to make Headlines!Its annoying n distressing fr family..’

‘To c news misconstrued n misreported. Pls spk 2 the Real officials in charge and get the REAL story rather than ure PAID (unreliable) sources.’

‘Just to reiterate, we will do all it takes to reach to the bottom of this “spot fixing case” and be of complete help till that happens!’

‘Really upset with the media fr casting aspersions without any proof,making derogatory statements..Uncalled for and will not be tolerated.’

Shilpa Shetty on Tuesday visited the Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai with Raj to seek blessings from the almighty. With Raj’s admissions, the scandal has just gotten murkier.