We have seen pretty women in the world who have risen to the big stage in a very short period of time. Despite their honors and works, the beautiful women witnessed an end to the career in the most brutal ways as they got killed.

Let’s have a look at some of these women:

1. Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado

The tragic incident not only took the life of Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado but also her sister who were shot dead by Miss Honduras boyfriend who did not like her dancing with another guy in a party.

2. Miss Russia, Alexandra Petrova

Alexandra Petrova was shot dead in her apartment and was 19 year old when she was killed in a attack that was on her boyfriend.

3. Miss Tourism, Genesis Carmona

Miss Tourism, Genesis Carmona was shot in the head when she was protesting against the government against the high crime rate in Venezuela.

#18F de 2014 fuimos víctimas del #AtaqueFulminate ordenado por @franciscoameliach en la marcha convocada en apoyo a @leopoldolopezoficial nuestra compañera #GenesisCarmona fue impactado con una bala en la cabeza, sus pensamientos y visión de ver una #Venezuela libre se extinguieron del mismo modo el régimen creyó que encerrando a #LeopoldoLopez pondría en cautiverio su voz de lucha que ha denunciado sin descanso la crisis social y humanitaria que hoy enfrenta en país. A 2 del encarcelamientos infame de Leopoldo el pueblo y el mundo claman por la #LibertadYa el asesinado de Génesis al igual que los 43 asesinatos en protestas sigue impune, el autor material goza de una medida cautelar y el intelectual…. Ustedes ya saben que cargo ocupa. #LibertadYa #JusticiaYa #AmnistíaYa

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4. Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear

Another Venezuelan woman who is in the list is Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear. She was a very pretty woman who was killed while on vacation by robbers who killed her husband as well.

5. Miss Hollywood, Jill Ann Weatherwax

One murder that remains unsolved to date is that of Miss Hollywood, Jill Ann Weatherwax. Official reports from police say that she involved in prostitution and took drugs while the parents of the deceased say that they don’t accept what police say.


6. Miss Poland, Agnieszka Kotlarska

Even before 6. Agnieszka Kotlarska was crowned as Miss Poland and Miss International 1991, she was already dealing with a persistent stalker only identified as “Jerzy”. She eventually had a successful career as a model in the US, and returned to Russia with her husband and daughter. Little did she know, on August 27, 1996, Jerzy would attack her and her husband. Her husband was stabbed on the leg, while Agnieszka succumbed to four stab wounds to the chest.