SHOCKING Farah Khan Caught Abusing On Camera – Must Watch!

The Happy New Year director was caught on reel using abusive language and expletives during the shoot of a chat show!
Farah Khan was seen on Cyrus Sahukar’s chat show The Bench recently. The show has her promoting her film Tees Maar Khan (the show was shot much before it’s telecast) but while talking to the host, Farah gives us a peak at her vivid use of the most abusive language!

Farah Khan is one of the most famous film directors, she is also a film producer, an actress and a choreographer who is known for her smiling face and funny nature but after watching this video, Farah Khan’s real face has been exposed which has shocked us that how she treats her crew members.

Farah Khan who was trying to shot some interview with her crew became abusive when something got into her eye she became furious and started abusing. This video was leaked by one of the crew members who was standing there and watching this lady abuse.

Loud-mouthed, Farah also suggests Cyrus that in order to make the show more popular he should rename it from The Bench to “The Bench@#%*” She also gives her make-up boy an earful of expletives and even stuns the host Cyrus with her use of abuses!

Watch the exclusive and shocking video where Farah Khan’s real face has been exposed and let us know what do you think about her attitude.

According to IndiaToday Actor Abhishek Bachchan revealed on a TV comedy show during the promotion of Happy New Year that Farah Khan screams during the filming of the film, but this time she did go a step further and a video of her abusing during a chat show went viral. Farah, who appeared on an online show hosted by Cyrus Sahukar, was filmed abusing during the shooting of the episode.

Farah Khan is quite upset that the two-minute clip which shows her abusing got leaked without her knowledge.

Talking to a leading daily, Farah said, “In the three-hour interview, I took on myself and my films. They made a 13-minute edit that I approved of. But someone made this clip, which I had no idea about. It’s gone viral and people have it on their phones now. I sound like a mad person. I am sane and rational, and not someone who would do something like this. I just have to be careful next time.”

She is quite furious and hopes that the production team has nothing to do with the leaked clip.

She was further quoted as saying, “Cyrus is just a host. I hope the production house hasn’t done it either. Rhea and her father (actor Anil Kapoor) are my dear friends. If they have done it, then they have taken me for a ride. If that’s the case, then people will really be scared to come on their show.” IndiaToday reported.

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