Mumbai Mirror has been revealing consistently on the war between the two celebrities Kangana and Hrithik.

This time around they have reported that Hrithik Roshan had proposed to to Kangana Renaut around about two years ago, that is in 2014.

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The proposal was put forward by Hrithik right after splitting up with his wife according to Mumbai Mirror.

The celebrities were seen working in Kites together and were seen again in Krish 3 after which their secretive relationship caught fire.

According to Kangana’s friend as reported by Mumbai Mirror,

“She was on top of the world as he also told her he wanted to marry her after the divorce.”

But things soon died off as news spread that he was involved with Katrina while shooting Bang Bang. He went on saying that Kangana misunderstood him.

“Soon after Kangana won the National Award for Queen in March 2014, he called, begging her to forgive him and take him back,” said Kangana’s friend.

SHOCKING! #HrithikRoshan proposed #Kanganaranaut in 2014 – WATCH NOW ==> DESIFREETV.COM

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The two met at Karan Johar’s party in 2014 and friend further said

“They hadn’t spoken for a couple of weeks. When they met at KJo’s party, Kangana put her hand on Hrithik’s arm. He reacted angrily and asked her how could she have set up a date with another actor for the following Wednesday, She wanted to end it. But Hrithik was not ready to let her go. He made things ugly. We never imagined that he would stoop so low to tarnish her reputation.”

Fron then on things became tough between the two and has now reached to the point of legal notices.

The notice from Hrithik states that Kangana stalked him and sent him loads of emails. Hrithik now also claims that Kangana suffers from a mental disease in which she imagines things.

Regarding emails, Kangana’s notice says,

“Your client (Hrithik) has claimed to having received 50 emails a day from the day Kangana got to know of the correct email ID till the date of sending the notice. This totals to 601 days and therefore there should have been 30,000 mails as opposed to 1,439 mails claimed in the notice. This fact further proves the exaggeration and false claims made by your client.”

On Hrithik’s statement that he would unveil the conversations, Kangana’s notice states

“If he circulates her emails, images and/or other material which your client willingly received in good faith from my client then upon such circumstances it shall be rightfully deemed that your client is willfully seeking to not only defame her and issue unwarranted threats. These actions shall be taken “extremely seriously.” She will then have no option but to file criminal proceedings against your client, at his risk, costs and consequences.”