Shraddha Kapoor Laughed At Getting Her Legs Covered By Pakistani Newspaper

A picture of Shraddha Kapoor was recently published in a Peshawar-based newspaper, Daily Mashriq, on June 27.

The picture was clicked at a recent promotional event of her just-released movie, with Shraddha dressed casually in denim shorts and a top.

But, the Daily Mashriq, which claims to be “the largest circulated newspaper of the region”, obviously felt that the outfit was too risque for its readers. And so they decided to digitally add on a pair of knee-length black leggings and cover Shraddha’s legs.

When we forwarded the image to Shraddha, she laughed over it. The film production company’s CEO, Tanuj Garg, who is familiar with the workings of the Pakistani press, said: “It’s a common practice in certain regions.”

Despite repeated efforts by Indian Media, the Daily Mashriq couldn’t be reached for a comment.