Social Media blast on Azfar and Naveen after they tried to clarify their affair on a morning show!

After being married to Salma for 11 years, Azfar tied the knot with Naveen Waqar — the actor who played the role of the infamous Sara that we all loved to hate in “Humsafar”. Azfar had 2 kids with Salma when he planned to divorce Salma for Naveen Waqar.

The couple recently appeared on a morning show Jago Pakistan Jago, the first time after their marriage they made their appearance on a show. In Jago Pakistan Jago both Azfar and Naveen tried hard to clarify their marriage affair.

Azfar mentioned that they were seeing each other five years before marrying..Which means that Azfar was seeing Naveen when he was already married to Salma and had kids.

“To be very honest, I was very scared before getting into this and didn’t know how Fatima (Azfar’s daughter) was going to react to it,” says Naveen. “I am building a relationship with Fati (Fatima) and by the grace of God, she has warmed up to me. Whenever she comes over, we hang out, watch movies and chill out.”

Azfar believes that such a cordial relationship and ‘planting a new seed’ wouldn’t have been possible without his ex wife’s support and resilience.

“If she wanted, she could have created a furore, but I am glad she understood and made things easier for both of us,” Azfar shares with conviction and Naveen strongly agrees with him.

Since the show aired, outraged fans have taken to Facebook and Twitter to give their two bits about Azfar’s new marriage; a number of internet memes comparing Azfar, Salma and Naveen to the triangle of Ashar, Khirad and Sara from “Humsafar” are being circulated, liked and shared online.

Have a look at some of the furious remarks that their fans have about them:

Azfar also told the media that they are doing a sitcom together “Uff Meri Family” with Azfar and Naveen in the lead roles, the sitcom is being directed by Azfar himself and can be considered as a Everybody loves Raymond spin-off. It will be aired on a local entertainment channel in the first week of May.


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