Mawra Hocane is among those celebrities who are constantly working and when they are not working it is time for them to use public forms to interact with their fans.

We have seen Mawra ending up with problems but still this did not stop her from holding a question answer session with her fans on twitter.

All sorts of people came up, there were some who were very nice to the star while others did not like her and had different sorts of questions.

When her ‘loving’ fans started asking questions, little did the 23-year-old actress know that there would be haters attacking her on Twitter too, and as a result, soon the hashtag #AskMawra started trending, Express Tribune reported.

Let’s show you a few of these conversations.

A while back, Mawra faced a controversy when she tweeted about Saif Ali Khan starer movie Phantom. One of her the then tweets said, if Phantom “is anti-terrorism, Then yes I’m anti-terrorism, it doesn’t matter which land I belong to. I’m pro-humanity & love & that’s that.”

Mawra’s comments on Phantom instantly generated a storm in Pakistan and hence the actress, later, deleted her tweets.

But by then, veteran Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid, who has made a point of refusing offers from Indian producers and once refused to allow Bollywood tunes to be played on his TV show, launched an online campaign for Mawra to be banned.

Mawra even faced a visa controversy during her tenure in India for her debut Bollywood movie and hence had to fly back to Pakistan just a day before Sanam Teri Kasam released.