Sohai Ali Abro was all set to debut in Bollywood with the movie Love Loan. However, things seem to be going wrong for the star as she has been denied an Indian visa and it looks like that it will take around about 45 days before documentation can be done.

The movie dreams of Sohai Ali Abro in Bollywood seems to be ending as the shoot was all set to start on 12th of March. The movie is produced by Subhash Singh who is also the makeup artist of Katrina Kaif.

The movie had previously asked Miss India Navneet Dhillon to be part of the movie but was rejected.

Sohai will also have to wait now as she has made the producer aware of the fact that there will be a further wait of 45 days before she can get the visa.

The role has a high chance of staring Navneet or Rhea Chakraborty as Sohai chances are pretty over.