Some Interesting and Typical Scenarios In Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani dramas seem to be the bane of our existence replete with the subservient husband, the demanding yet “obedient” wife and ofcourse the ever needy and perpetually ill mother who is in constant need for attention and care. Apart from the blatant in your face similarities, there are subtle subliminal similarities that have clearly left an imprint on our minds and hearts.

From the inadvertent obsession with coffee and “chai”, it seems that only the affluent and rich can “afford coffee” and the less privileged are left to salvage themselves with mere old “chai.” The rich spoilt daughter always wants coffee whereas the submissive white washed Virgin Mary is perpetually content with chai.

Another stark difference that is blatant and obvious is the elaborately laid table looks fit for a king. From perfectly crisp toast to delicious butter and jam and half fried eggs cooked to perfection the breakfast table seems perfectly fit for a king. The interesting fact in this instance is the fact that the protagonists in the dramas consume only a bite of the crispy toast and a sip of the hot chai. Oh yes! At the breakfast table miraculously the attention from coffee is suddenly transferred to chai.

As if all this was not enough to digest, the husbands are always found reading a book in the bedroom scene and the vain, shallow and self obsessed yet “subservient” women are left in front of the dressing table massaging their delicate cuticles and dwelling over the power politics that takes place in the kitchen! Of course their delicate minds are not apt enough to deal with much stress, hence, trivial issues like cooking and cleaning are left upon themselves.

The most entertaining similarity of course, is the “one suitcase scenario.” The one episode where the poor unfortunate wife has had enough and demands to leave her husband’s house instantly, rushes up, and somehow, has a suitcase (which by the way is the size of a trolley and has only 3 suits in totality) ever ready. Where all those rows and rows of designer clothing have vanished off to along with the makeup kits and expensive perfumes and lotions which they can’t get enough of is anyone’s guess.

The king of all entertainment hiccups is the fact that the wife only a split second before getting the husband ready to leave for office reminds him that “ghar jaldi aaye g.” One wonders what essence and important matter is prevailing at home that the poor husband is required home early.

The last entertaining similarity across the board is the fact that at all times in the office scene there is a major project taking place and of course the reason for the obvious feud is the “project” taking place.
Clearly our dramas need more entertaining and intelligent material to capture our interest and hold our presence on screen for a little while longer.

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Author – Rabia Ahmed