In a recent interview with Khaleej Times, Pakistani model and actress Iman Ali shared her thoughts about working in Bollywood films. Iman shared her views on Pakistani stars such as Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan who are currently working in Bollywood projects.

UntithhledIman Ali with her mother Humaira Ali

“Everyone should follow their dreams and aspiration. If our actors are doing well in Bollywood, why not? One should not put barriers on actors; mankind has forever been putting barriers up. It has not done any good to mankind anyways,” said Iman.

“We should start thinking like a human being and let people be. I think whatever they want to do, good for them. As long they are not going to India and like some people who made a fool of themselves – and there have been some – as long as they are not bringing shame to the nation, even that we shouldn’t take it personally. It’s their choice. They are not responsible for entire Pakistan, if they want to make a fool of themselves.”

Iman Ali further added:

“I am really happy for the ones who are doing good for themselves. All the best to them,” she added.

When asked about the genre of the film Mah-e-Mir, Iman shared that:

“This film doesn’t belong to any genre. That is the best part of this film. We need that kind of cinema. It will make you use your brain cells, yet it is pleasing to your eyes,” she said.

The very talented Fahad Mustafa is playing the male leading role in Iman Ali’s upcoming film Mah-e-Mir and the film is releasing on May 6 across Pakistan.

#MaheMir releasing 6th May. #imanali

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