Sonam Kapoor Calls Fawad Khan A Tom Cruise Lookalike!

It’s now time for Sonam Kapoor and the Pakistani hottie Fawad Afzal Khan, the cast of the upcoming movie Khoobsurat, to grace the Colors’ hilarious show a Comedy Nights With Kapil (K9/Sol).

We hear that the two had a wonderful time on the series with host Kapil Sharma shooting some real rib tickers. But one thing that people observed on the set was Fawad’s ‘stiff personality’. He came across as someone who is very serious and reserved in demeanour.

Shared the khabru, “May be the actor was not able to follow the kind of humour in the show or was simply uncomfortable. As for Sonam, she guffawed on every joke of Kapil.”
The ‘moment’ of the show came when Kapil in his usual self asked Fawad whether he was on the show for his good looks or his acting abilities.

Before the man could answer, Sonam cheerfully said,

“Of course for his good looks. When I and Rhea saw Fawad’s picture, we were surprised by his close resemblance to Tom Cruise and thus got him on board immediately.”

Fawad was seen blushing at this compliment and was left speechless.

Watch Now:

The particular episode will air this Saturday (26 July).