Sonam Kapoor is known for her somewhat hard stances she takes, the basis of which are truthfulness.


The Bollywood beauty has expressed her views on issues like meat ban and the ever so growing religious intolerance without any fear. Once again, she spoke out in favour of all the Pakistani actors coming to work across the border.

There have been bans placed on promotion of movies starting Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan. A classical concert that was to be held by Ghulam Ali was also cancelled due to the extreme stance that is held by one of India’s political party, Shiv Sena.

Sonam Kapoor expressed her feelings talking in an interview that many of her best friends were from across the border and that Fawad Khan was like her family. She expressed the need to understand that artists from across the border should be allowed to work in India just like they are allowed to work around the world.

The young star also related her case with her dad and Priyanka Chopra who worked in Hollywood. She stated that it was her will that people should be allowed to work in India the same way. The superstar also expressed that all such extremist view have no place in a country like India.