Sooraj Pancholi admits beating up Jiah Khan: Police

Sooraj Pancholi, who is arrested and presently in Police custody for abetting actor Jiah Khan’s suicide, has allegedly confessed that he had indeed beaten her up following a fight in Goa eight months ago.

Also after that incident, Jiah slit her wrist and attempted to commit suicide. Police are considering to add more additional charges, apart from abetting suicide, under Section 498-A (harassment of a woman by husband or in-laws) of IPC.
According to Juhu police, Sooraj admitted that he was in a live-in relationship with Jiah Khan. They have also received the medical report from a Juhu hospital where Jiah, also known as Nafisa Khan, had indeed undergone abortion. Forensic report has also confirmed that the handwriting in the six-page note written by Jiah matches that in the five different letters found at Pancholi’s residence.

Sooraj revealed that on many occasions, Jiah stayed over at his residence, and he stayed over at Sagar Sangeet building, where the actress resided and committed suicide. According to Police, a day before Jiah’s death, the couple stayed over at Sooraj’s Juhu residence, and also he was last person to which Jiah called before taking up her life.