Sobia, a stage actress was found dead this weekend in her house after she reportedly hung herself. The body was found hanging through the fan.

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The controversial suicide as being portrayed according to the authorities is not true as finding from the crime scene indicate to the fact that she was first murdered and then this was all staged to give it a cover up. Another one of the stories unveiling during the course of the story is that the family of Sobia do not want the authorities to conduct the post-mortem.

The police have refused to deny post-mortem as they say it will reveal things related to the murder. Furthermore, it is being said that Sobia had a fight before the murder with the producer while other say that she had an argument with her sister. The authorities will surely get to the bottom of this and this remains to be seen as to what the actual story is and who is the murderer which will actually be revealed in the forensics report.