Sylvester Stallone says John Abraham is better built than he ever was!

The Rambo actor says he is mighty impressed with John’s pumped up body and wants him to play the soldier in the Bollywood remake

Ask anyone into fitness and body building who is their idol, eight times out of 10 you will get to hear the name, Sylvester Stallone. And when Sly himself, as he is fondly called, says that John Abraham has a better body, you better know that it’s not an easy compliment to earn!

A few days ago, at a meeting in Beverly Hills, when Stallone was informed that Bollywood was planning to remake his iconic movie Rambo, he seemed quite pleased with the prospect. Not only that, he also suggested that John Abraham would be perfect as the soldier, and even complimented John on his physique. “Actually, he’s built better than I ever was,” said Stallone.

An ecstatic John said, “I’m overwhelmed and it’s a privilege to be encouraged by none other than Stallone, who has always been my hero. His Rocky 4 is the reason why I got into films.” So let’s see whether getting endorsed by Stallone encourages John to begin pumping iron once again to star as the angry soldier in the action packed remake!