Talat Hussain is a big names in the Pakistani analyst who discusses a wide range of issues in his how on Geo Tv. He has always worked for the benefit, education and awareness of people.


In is recent show he laid out the simple facts that it was not right of anchors to consider that Pakistanis and Indians were same. Showing some clips from the show of Shahista Wahidi he defended his case. During the couirse of Shahista’s show she said that both countries were same however Talat negated this by saying coutries in EU even never say such things because they respect each others identity.

Further he said that the day] was being celebrated as Eid Day which was not acceptable as it was aired on 17th December which is a day after the anniversary]y of APS tragedy. The experienced Talat further played a ,movie clip in which it was being asserted that Pakistan always creates trouibles when India tries to do good.

Here is the clip: