Talented Stars Of Drama Serial ‘Goya’ Impress With Their Performances

Written by Ahmed Hashmi and produced under the coveted banner of Six Sigma, Goya was the much awaited play that had viewers brimming with anticipation even before it began. Starring the extremely dynamic Usman Perzada and the perfect chocolate boy Usman Khalid Butt, this play clearly had all the ingredients to making it huge in the world of dramas. However, an A-list star cast is never enough to guarantee box office success; the story line needs to hold matter and substance as well.

Osman Khalid Butt, (aka Jr. Hashmi) is an intimidated person who lives in constant awe and fear of his father; the only words he has ever learnt are “Yes Sir, No Sir, and Okay Sir.” Peerzada clearly thinks he is protecting his son from all the negativities that is prevalent in the world, however, what he fails to take into account is that curiosity eventually kills the cat and that his son will eventually turn against him (which he obviously does.)

Mohini (Sana Javed) and her dramatic mother Asma (Farah Shah) whose extreme obsession with Indian movies is a never ending saga are also interesting elements to this serial. Their casual relationship is clearly entertaining to watch where the daughter acts as the mature counterpart as opposed to the mother. Confident and mature Sana is a girl who speaks her minds and knows what she wants in life; on the other hand Usman is quite the opposite.

The fact that these two meet and fall irrevocably in love to the point that Usman is thrown out of his father house are interesting elements in the plot.

With few friends and even fewer well wishers this star crossed duo has to fight demons and animals that take the shape of opposing parents and friends who end up back stabbing them every step of the way. The story tends to become even more complicated as episodes progress but all in all it’s a well rounder plot with enough interesting elements to keep the viewers yearning for more.

Published on DesiFreeTV.com
Author – Rabia Ahmed