Bollywood is somewhat criticized for its monotonous style with the actors forcing themselves to act rather than acting which you associate with the inner self. The initial part of the movie depicts the same thing where there are fancy things but really fail to catch the attention.


During the initial first hour, the movie seems to be clueless and useless and nothing happening makes sense. Both Ranbir and Deepika seem to be wasting time and as a consequence you share the feeling too. However, not much of a surprise since the movie is one of Imtiaz Ali’s, the movie takes a turn and starts to make some sense.

The movie sees Ranbir facing the same problems that many of us face which is choosing the career path which has already been selected for us. There is no concept of what you want to do, do it which is quite realistic. Ranbir as a result turns out to be quite an obedient child. But there is twist in the story when he meets the girl of his dream. Tides turn and Ranbir seems to be a new transformed person.

What really gives you the feeling of the movie being realistic is the fact that Ranbir who is Ved in the movie loves to tell stories as much as he likes hearing them. Deepika who is Tara is quite the opposite of Ved and has a different personality. The movie what leaves you thinking is that did she start to fall in love according to what she had in mind and can this all continue as time passes by? Another idea that floats is to the fact that when it comes to the hard times, is this love the same love?

Although all the questions are answered but the viewers feel that somewhere something was missing in answering completely. The movie is said to be Imtiaz’s most complex stories with some really punch scenes and leaving you smiling at the end.