The Consequences Of Pakistani Actors Leaving For Bollywood

Our industry is proliferated with talent that knows no bounds or limits. From the enigmatic Shaan to the sultry Humaima Malik, Pakistani industry is not short of talent. However, the tragedy lies in the fact that the moment a star touches the brink of adulation and fame they trot along the other side of the border and start doing movies.

The demand for Pakistani actors in Bollywood has increased dramatically, with all the major Bollywood studios actively recruiting local talent. The fact of the matter is that our Pakistani industry despite its exasperating progression fails to acknowledge celebrities the way our neighboring counterpart does.

Let’s face it, Humaima’s acclaim with one Imran Hashmi is clearly no comparison to the several local Pakistani movies and soaps she’s been doing for years. Is it any wonder that our stars are naturally more inclined towards India!

Given the fact that our industry reaps brilliant actors and somehow manages to lose them to our neighboring counterpart, results in a sever dearth of talent in Pakistan.

From Mahira Khan to Imran Abbas, Mikaal to Javed Sheikh, the list of Pakistani celebrities is endless. The fact that they all frolic and hop of to India within a heartbeat is something that should and is a matter of serious concern for us.

Our talent and industry is left void and empty all because India treats our celebrities with more respect and adulation. The fact of the matter remains that our industry is getting affected in more ways than one. Recent sensations to hit new heights of stardom are Mawra and Urwa Hoccane, these two sisters have acquired a huge fan following in a very short time span. Now Mawra is said to be starring in a David Dhawan movie opposite heartthrob Varun Dhavan.

We must accept and acknowledge the fact that our celebrities are getting a better deal across the border, if we do not clean up our act and acknowledged and accept our celebrities the way our neighboring country does then the fact of the matter is that we will lose all our real talent! Pakistan is acutely suffering from a brain drain problem; if our industry goes through the same sort of turmoil then frankly not much will be left in the country to vouch for.

We need to accept our flaws and rectify them before every decent brain in the country flies off to other destinations that will give then respect and acceptance.

It is a sad state of affairs and one that will definitely get worse with time if corrective measures are not taken!
Author: Rabia Ahmed | Published on