If you think about what Salman Khan has said in the past and according to the close people around him then it seems pretty much like that its time that he would get married now.


Now to be very honest, Salman is the most popular star in the modern era yet to be married which is amazing according to many. The reason behind all the gossip that he might get married this upcoming year is that the star recently is coming across very good and positive news.

First Salman’s two recent films in Bhajrangi Bhaijan and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo have been absolute hits in the box office with the latter challenging to be the top all time earner. Accompanied with this was the news of the star finally relieved from the charges against him for murder for which he was being trailed for the past 13 years.

Subhash Ghai expressed the actors decision on finally deciding on getting married,

“The case had an impact on his personal life. He could have married at 34. Now he is 50,” he said. “Salman has been facing the punishment for 13 years. He did not marry as the case was pending. This is an accident in which a person got killed but has anyone thought of the punishment he is facing. I am proud of our judiciary, the justice has been done.”

“Every time his parents raised the question of his marriage, Salman would turn around to say, ‘What would I tell my wife if the court cases go against me? What would she tell our child? That the father is in jail?’ Salman wanted to be out of the legal tangles before marrying. Now that the verdict is out in his favour, the coast is clear for his marriage,” he added.

Do you think Salman will get married ?